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~ Computers ~


- EOS Development - Unique web graphics free for use on personal pages.  I use one of their bullet points on this site.
- J&R - Music and computers plus all sorts of electronics and digital products too. 
- TigerDirect - Purchase computers, parts and components. I use them for building my own PCs.
  - Directron - Purchase computers, parts and components.  I use them for building my own PCs.

- Epson - Direct link to their online store. I will only use Epson printers and ink.  Soon to sample their paper and compare it to Kodak's paper.

- Staples - Office and computer supplies.

- Canon - For years I have used their SLR 35mm cameras and now I own the EOS Rebel XT digital SLR.

- COREL - Now the owners of Paint Shop Pro XI - Graphics and digital photo editing software.  I have used this program for many years.
- Microsoft - What can I say, it's Microsoft.
  - - Public Domain Photo.  Way back, when the WWW was young images were freely shared.  This site is a rare find and treasure, as most sites these days want $$$$ for images.  The surf image I use was from this site. Thank you.

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