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Entry for July 16, 2006
Well its been 2 weeks in our new home.  We love it here and the tubes are fun.  There is a bad kitty though and skeered us terribly this morning.  Somehow this mean kitty knocked our tubing from the cage and while Yahoo hid I (Pogo) went for the big escape.  We made enough noise to startle mommy from sleep.  She had to get the flashlight and check all over for the 2 of us.  She found Yahoo and did real well not to totally panic when she saw me missing.  Mommy moved the garbage can and this gave me a chance to make noise and get her attention.  I dont know exactly how i got in here but seeing there are kitties near by this was probaly for my best i fell in here.  Mommy reached in to get me and i didnt even run, I wanted home with my brother.  Mommy spent some time time playing with our home to make it safer for us.  phewww what a day.
2006-07-18 20:18:13 GMT
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