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Entry for September 19, 2006

Hi all, Pogo here.  Image  I thought I would start off by showing you a picture of our sister Weebles.  We originally thought she was the Hammie Monster.  We had our doubts since Weebles has some neurologocal issues and can not jump and climb around like other cats.  Of course we all now know who the Hammie Monster IS.

Mommy has been a little stressed waiting for our new home and took a couple of days in the hospital to relax.  This was kind of fun for us.  Aunt Jo didn't want an escape like last time and promptly moved us into her room.  As soon as mommy walked through the door she said hello to Weebles and returned us to our place by mommys side.  The only bad part of this spot is that the Hammie Monster can sit on mommy's desk and STARE at us. Image  We are hoping that the monster is getting bored with us and will let mommy sleep.

We did get another hammie home cleaning and decided to not try for any escapes.  Mommy needed a break from that.  She does have to slowly corral us into the main part of our home.  First she scoots us from the top area to the other side and removes some of the tubing.  We do like to give mommy a little hassle and she has to slowly remove smaller sections of tubing at a time.  My brother Yahoo scurries quickly away from mommy sticking her fingers in the tubing to get us to move.  I on the other hand insist on sniffing mommy's finger and really don't run from her as much.  Once mommy has corraled us, removed all tubing and capped off the cage her next step is to remove everything from the main cage.  Now that we have nowhere to hide mommy can place her hand in to get us.  At first she just rests there to let us see her and know that the hand is soon going to try to get us.  We can't help ourselves but run from mommy.Image  She tries so hard to talk nice to us to get us to stop but we have heard her mutter bad words.  We go into the box and mommy spends the next 45 minutes cleaning everything up.  Mommy is still very impressed that the tubes seperate in half for easy cleaning.  Once mommy is done back into the hammie home we go.  Yahoo gets excited over the new toilet paper roll.  He does still wait till mommy goes to sleep to build our nest.  I just run hammie miles on my wheels.  Yahoo did build the new nest in the blue wheel again.  Mommy likes this spot because its easier for her to watch us cuddle together as we sleep.  She also can't help but laugh when I insist on running in the blue wheel and all the nesting puffs together and flips over covering me in it. 

We don't know why but mommy still can't get over how cute our little hammie legs are.  We don't have the heart yet to tell her she might want to address this issue in therapy.  Thanks to Aunt Tori who found the following web site for mommy: 


There are a ton of great tiny pet pictures here, including close ups that show off hammie legs.  There are also tons of other great animal pictures.  After looking at some of the site mommy has one opinion she would like to share with her friends:   Horses are NOT indoor pets !

Well time for me to get some more napping in before my nightly run.  Bye for now.

2006-09-19 21:28:10 GMT
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