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Entry for March 14, 2007

Hi there, yes it really is Pogo here ! After much coaxing from Case Manager, Ex-wife missing us and our starting to use our wheel for food storage and using the wheel, mommy is once again going to type for us ! A quote from Monty Python's Holy Grail "there was much rejoicing, yeahhh"

Just to let you all know Hammie Food contains a lot of seeds and dry corn kernels and when they spin around the wheel it really does make a lot of noise. We also spent the last month hoarding food. Yes, I know that's what hammies do, but it was excessive and we were telling mommy we were on a hunger strike. Don't worry Yahoo and I are just fine. Just don't tell mommy it was a trick.

Mommy has and still is making unpacking a HUGE project, but she did come across the video camera. Now we just need mommy to charge it up and take some video of us.

Oh wait !! I forgot something !! We moved on Nov 2nd 2006 !! What a story that was. You'll have to come back to hear that story.

2007-03-14 12:08:23 GMT
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