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Entry for May 17, 2007

Mommy has been busy updating the entire web site lately. Today she focused on us . She joined the Internet Hamster Association of North America. Also joined a MSN group called Hamster Galore. We are just waiting over the next couple of days to find out when we will be activated in the Original Hamster Webring. Mommy hasn't used a webring in many years. She just wants to brag about us more.

This weekend is our birthday! We will be 1 year old. We will be getting a complete Hammie Home cleaning and fresh treats. Mommy also got us a special treat to try! Broccoli, hmmm mommy hates broccoli but has heard that us hammies like it.

Once mommy is done with her monthly shopping she plans to buy us extra tubing. We thinks it is really about "therapy shopping" but we won't tell her we know that. hehehehe We love extra tubing.

Also coming July 2nd will be the first year anniverary of living with mommy and we will talk more about that when the time comes. We have to go know. Mommy must do more web site maintenance. She gets a bit manic when she does this. again our secret. Bye !!

2007-05-17 22:59:48 GMT
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