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Entry for July 20, 2006

Yesterday started out like most,  Yahoo and I (Pogo) napped, ran on our wheels and ate.  Everything was fine and mommy even went into the livingroom to watch some TV.  But around 9:30pm,  I never saw mommy jump off the couch as fast as she did.  She didnt see me but knew instantly something was very wrong when Weebles the cat and the dog reacted like they were chasing someting.  Mommy RAN into her bedroom to see that the tubing to the cage was on the floor and it was WIDE open for us to escape.  Mommy used the same dirty word that the President used.  At the same time she looked down at Weebles and there I was going for a ride IN Weebles MOUTH !! More dirty words from mommy as she grabbed Weebles and I was dropped  instantly.  I ran for cover.  Next thing I knew mommy had scooped me up and put me in "The Box".  Only 1/2 relieved mommy puts end caps on the cage and seals off all escape routes.  Now its time to find Yahoo.  My brother Yahoo is quite timid and shy and probably smarter than me because to mommy's suprise Yahoo had stayed IN the cage! Mommy returned me to my home and i was now exhausted and a bit shaken from my adventure.  Yahoo came to my side and huddled close by me as I told him of my journey.  Mommy sat down and we could see she was VERY relieved to have this over with.  Now mommy knows who the real "bad kitty" is.  Mommy has also decide to rethink the current tubing design and has left that disconnected.

2006-07-20 18:48:58 GMT
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