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Entry for July 21, 2006
3pm:  Today was clean house day and that means everything has to come apart and Yahoo and I (Pogo) have to go in the box.  Ususally mommy can get us fairly easy.  Today though mommy wasn't thinking things through and tried to remove us from the top.  We both got loose.  This prompted mommy to use MANY naughty words.  Weebles, the cat, thought we were let free for her enjoyment.  Mommy caught us both before we could leave the room or Weebles get us.  Mommy also went shopping for a treat and more tubing.  She attached a picture of our home.  Mommy also found the perfect book to support the tubes leading to the blue wheel.  We all hope the bible will keep us safe.  Image Yahoo is very happy to have the blue wheel back. 
2006-07-21 19:18:30 GMT
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