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Entry for August 09, 2006
Yahoo and I (Pogo) had a busy night.  Everytime mommie cleans the hammie home we need to redecorate it to how we had it.  Since mommie started giving us an almost empty roll of toilet paper we have loved using it for our bedding.  We like to fill the blue wheel with shreds of toilet paper to nest in.  Last time Yahoo did this mommie watched him move all the shredded pieces from one end of our home thru the tubing and into the blue wheel.  We couldn't wait for mommie to wake up and we ended up building our nest while she slept.  Mommie took the above picture of us this morning.  When we sleep we like to cuddle up together.  Mommie thinks she is cute, Hah! We blow her away in the cute department.  Back to my nap.
2006-08-09 13:57:07 GMT
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