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Entry for August 28, 2006
Well we little hammies have been busy the last few weeks.  We have been making good use of all the tubing mommie has given us and use both wheels frequently.  Last weekend mommie went into the hospital and that gave the hammie monster time to mess with our home.  The first night, Saturday, that mommie was gone I(Pogo) escaped.  Yahoo decided he'd prefer to stay home.  This time I ran into the walk in closet which was jam packed with storage.  Aunt Jo after working 12 hours knew something was up and realized I was missing.  It took her 45 minutes to get me but I'm not telling anyone exactly how long I was free.  Image Aunt Jo moved us into her room and we kept her up a bit with the not so quiet anymore wheel.  We're suprised we don't wake mommie up but we figure when she finally gets to sleep she'll sleep through a war.  We also made it through another home cleaning without any escapes.  Instead of nesting in the blue wheel we built a new nest in the yellow sky box on top of our hammie home.  Time to go back to sleep.
2006-08-28 20:24:39 GMT
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