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Entry for September 04, 2006

7:15 am: WARNING !! The above is a picture of a real Hammie Monster ! If seen keep a close watch out for her.  Hissing at her usually can scare this monster away.  You can even try throwing small stuffed animals at it.  On occasion this stubborn animal needs to be picked up by force and yelled at.  The Hammie Monster is a stubborn beast. 

Mommy was slowly waking up from a rare good night of sleep, she was actually laughing.  This is a rarity as mommy is usualy shouting or kicking.  This peaceful rising was met with chaos.  The Hammie Monster was caught in the act of terrorism.  The Hammie Monster was tring to pull herself up to our home by gripping onto our tunnels.  The tunnels could not withstand her weight and quickly seperated from the hammie home.  Mommy bolted so quickly out of bed that she caught the tubing before it hit the floor.  We are very impressed by mommies quick movements since we have come to live with her.  Mommy did look very silly trying to protect the now four openings with two hands.  Mommy quickly got our home put back together and it was now time for the hammie count.  Mommy kept coming up with only one.  That was me Pogo. 

Yahoo was now loose and without being seen it was unclear which direction he headed.  Mommy's instincts told her Yahoo was in the walk in closet.  Of course this closet is filled with mommy's SH**,  I mean stuff. Mommy started to toss things out of the closet and started first by looking behind the door.  Yahoo wasn't there and mommy got hit in the head by one of her skis.  Mommy was wicked pissed now. Image Mommy needed to think now.  She was visibly shaken and needed a smoke.  She sat down and fumed Image.  Mommy turned off her computer so she could listen for Yahoo.  She tried getting Weebles to help her but since Weebles didn't see anything was upset about being picked up she scratched mommy's leg up.  Mommy sat down again.  She calmed down about 1/4 of a notch on the pissed scale and started to remove stuff from the closet.  Mommy now on all fours and with flashlight looked into the corner.  Yahoo's little black eyes peering back at her.  Yahoo was easy to catch as he doesn't like to be out of the hammie home at all.

Mommy now relieved but still shaken has taken her meds, sucked down some coffee and is smoking like a chimney.  DON'T smoke its bad.  We did hear mommy talking to Aunt Tori and rumor has it she plans to quit for the new year. 

I'm going to go help Yahoo calm down and hear about his advntures.

2006-09-04 12:10:54 GMT
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